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Wonky Dress

This statement dress showcases the wonky and wonderful vegetables we so often discard. The deep v-neck flatters all, and the added pleats create volume and playfulness! Not to mention, with such a variety of rich colours, you'll have endless accessory options to match with.

This garment is one size fits all, hanging beautifully off any size and shape! Print placement will vary by garment due to the size of the repeat, and to ensure we make the most out of the fabric.

Made out of 32% Silk, 68% Tencel (regenerated, sustainably grown wood cellulose).

The garment is hand made in London supporting small local business, with the fabric also being printed in Gloucestershire.

10% of Gung Ho's profits are donated to SeedsShare, a London-based non-profit working to provide organic and in-season seeds to farmers and home growers around the globe.

Each of our garments come with a dinky minizine that highlights the issue you are wearing, why it is so important and the little everyday things that you can do to help. #WearYourHeartOnYourSleeve